Trust your internal compass

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One of the oldest surviving maps (the Babylonian Map of the World) is “about the size and shape of an early iPhone.” But it too was artifice and spin.

“The map is not the territory, said Polish-American scientist Alfred Korzybski. Maps are deceiving representations of reality. To quote the author Mark Monmonier of [easyazon_link identifier=”0226534219″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]How to Lie With Map[/easyazon_link], “No map entirely tells the truth. There’s always some distortion, some point of view.”

Maps drive conquest, gentrification, taxes, and voting polls. Google Maps, as Google does, gives us the turn-by-turn directions to a final destination. But we trust GPS a little too much yet remain frustrated and bewildered when the software leads us into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Rhode Island.

And we thought Google had all the answers! Blame the humans, not the machines.

Faulty computer intelligence reminds humans that our devices are imperfect just like us and that perhaps, we should continue to leverage our internal compass.

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25 thoughts on “Trust your internal compass”

      1. No doubt — I depend on it for driving in unknown areas. However, when I worked in New York I turned it off and just walked; the freedom of getting lost but knowing you’re not going too far off the path.

  1. I do like using google maps but I also like using a good old fashioned map! It is one thing that I am determined to teach to my children, how to use a map!

  2. Excellent post. I have a very good internal compass and now that my kids are learning how to drive, I try to make sure they do as well. No GPS to go places they have been before. I try to get them to trust their gut!

  3. I obviously rely too much on GPS and Google Maps these days. Technology is nice but when it doesn’t work properly it is really a pain!

  4. But what if your internal compass always….ALWAYS steers you in the wrong direction?? 🙂 I swear that happens when I try to wing it with going to new places. While my internal compass is usually dead on when it comes to “life stuff”…I think it gets as confused as I do with directions.

  5. Interesting perspective. I have a strong internal compass and typically don’t rely on gps unless I’m going somewhere completely new. But I think a lot of it is just simple common sense.

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