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Obligate users

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We don’t have a choice as to how to check out: it’s either cash or credit card. Soon enough it’ll be standard practice to pay using only our phones.

In the technology world, change is persistent. But new developments never spread as fast as we think.

In the case of digital checkout, it assumes that both seller and buyer own devices that can talk to each other. It took the most popular coffee shop in the world to introduce the phone as a wallet.

Like magnets, we are obligated to stick to mainstream systems. But new habits usher in new problems. We buy in excess on Amazon Prime because of the ease of checkout. Meanwhile, hackers can splinter daily operations with an injection of malicious code.

‘No one does it that way anymore’ is only good until the lights go out. Obligate users attuned to computer technology also risk the domino effect of its inter-connected destruction. A broken system is no longer smart.

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