The key to good ideas? Rest.

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“A good idea doesn’t come when you’re doing a million things. The good idea comes in the moment of rest. It comes in the shower. It comes when you’re doodling or playing trains with your son. It’s when your mind is on the other side of things.”

— Lin Manuel Miranda

Never feel guilty about taking a break. Not only should you plan unscheduled time, you should also invest in a good night’s rest. More rest, bigger ideas.

The dormant mind is an active one. More rest = bigger ideas.

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14 thoughts on “The key to good ideas? Rest.

  1. I still struggle with this. I always feel guilty when I just sit back and rest. I always feel as though I need to be going and going. I’m still working on the good sleep. Thanks!

  2. Hey, Wells! Thanks for this short, poignant post! A great reminder that is much needed in our fast-paced, 21st century society. Touche!

  3. Excellent advice. We often confuse resting with laziness and beat ourselves up about it. But you’re right – we recharge and energise our creativity when we take time out of life.

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