Photos consumed and forgotten

Photo by John Warwick Brooke (1916) :: The MET

Photos get consumed and are promptly forgotten, not because the image doesn’t stick — it’s impossible to ignore the ‘facticity‘ of a picture — but because it’s erased by the next one.

In the age of Instagram, images are fodder for boredom. Scrolling fills time, inspiring an emotion and quick dopamine shot for the same time the viewer consumes it. And then we shift back to reality, looking at the world like running images on a wall.

Photography tempts the eyeballs to glance but when will it do something other than staring at its contents.

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Author: wells baum aka bombtune

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10 thoughts on “Photos consumed and forgotten”

  1. We’re kind of running out of empathy and compassion and all other things to feel when we’ve become bombarded with so much information. Nothing is shocking anymore. Or tragic. Or deemed worthy of more than a second of our time.

  2. I want to get into visual art, mostly drawing, but photography, especially old quality photography will be great inspiration. I respect the history attached to old photos.
    Your thoughts about images becoming just scrollable content should be more of a concern in modern society.

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