Loving Vincent: When nobody becomes a somebody 

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The world's first oil painted feature film: Loving Vincent

Vincent Van Gogh was a nobody. He only sold one piece of art while he was alive and it was to his brother!

But that's who we all are at the core — small sprinkles on Earth in a vast universe. If the solar eclipse was any reminder, the cosmos operate whether humans exist or not.

Sure, we like to think we're special. The neurological software in our head makes accomplishments feel significant. But as Zat Rana puts it: “We’re nothing more than a fraction of a ripple in an infinite sea of entropy.”

Aren't we just all bits of code blindly riding the opportunity of free will? 

Art is just one instrument for coping with such human triviality. It's a narcotic for nobodies. But so are distractions. The sterile glow of computer screens and pocket rectangles manufacture ‘busyness.' Human minds have succumbed to habit design, never mind TV and shopping.

Given such meaninglessness, we have no choice but to seize the day. Perhaps Van Gogh was right, the real thrill of life is showing through our work what a nobody has in their heart.

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Artists painted 62,000 frames to pay homage to Vincent

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  1. If I tell people I don’t believe in fate, or religion, or anything happening for any reason besides ‘actions have consequences’ you find a lot of people think it’s very sad. True, also, of nihilism and the belief that really nothing matters… People take this to be a sorry state of being. However, what I like about your post is the admission that the world continues on without us, that we’re these tiny, tiny beings in a vast cosmos. Where others find sorrow, I find liberation. Being able to create for a love of creation, or to inspire or influence, to just strive forward in on our own paths…

    Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent! Great post, inspired much thought in me!

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