The banality of life on auto-pilot

Photo by Wells Baum

Some people are on automatic pilot, competent but lacking a clear consciousness. They are drunk in their own robotic behavior, blind to the process in front of them. Writes Chris Frith in Aeon Magazine:

“Most of the time our perception of conscious control is an illusion. Many neuroscientific and psychological studies confirm that the brain’s ‘automatic pilot’ is usually in the driving seat, with little or no need for ‘us’ to be aware of what’s going on.”

Perhaps reality is too sober, especially when we have thirst-quenching irreality on our handheld devices. Is life so boring we prefer to die in the banality of a ludic loop?

Life is too short to relinquish our attention to the casino of social media’s variable rewards. If perfection is the dream of man, conscious control is too scarce in nature.

To learn to live and laugh again, to slow down like the tortoise. How on earth can we be sensible and reflective humans again?

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Author: wells baum aka bombtune

A daily blogger who connects the dots between beats, culture, and technology.

8 thoughts on “The banality of life on auto-pilot”

  1. Wow! This piece is so thought-provoking. It seems we are increasingly moving to a milieu of anti-intellectualism. I appreciate this piece, as it will lead to several pieces on my own site. I’m happy to have discovered your site and will be following your site.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Antonio. Yes, I love to chew on the impact mobile phones and social media has on our brains, as we become robots ourselves while simultaneously building artificial intelligence.

      We must compel ourselves to see.

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