Look, imagine, and remember

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“In order to think we must speculate with images.” — Aristotle

It’s impossible to remember anything without seeing the image in our head first. With a little effort, we can activate our brains to become conscious recorders.

But the banality of everyday life tends to dull the senses. Blind to routines which automate thinking, we float by the external world without acknowledging its subtleties. Mobile phones further exacerbate attention; some people admit that the addictiveness of the rectangular glow makes walking harder.

We must force ourselves to look for distinctiveness. No one ever forgets a purple cow or rainbow zebra, even if it’s a figment of our imagination.

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  1. Totally agree with you. My imagination floats more when I read more. Like just rainbow zebra you mentioned haha that was truly epic 🙌

  2. I do know that we can look at a thing and never really see the thing. For whatever reason we just are not focusing on the right things. I think changing our angle sometimes helps us in that regard.

  3. Wow this is deep. Sometimes we are so distracted and looking at a screen where we dont get a chance to look up and appreciate the true beauty around us.

  4. Right?! Almost can’t think until I get it down on paper, preferably physical paper and not a phone…

  5. Thanks Kristi. Brains works on associations and cues — check out the Pavlov method!

  6. So true. But like a friend of mine once said: we should try to avoid taking photos of what can already be googled.

  7. I have always belive that our eyes and brain capture EVERYTHING we see and learn but we are just not capable of searching all image/information. Imagine how many image our brain stock ever since we open our eyes for the first time.

  8. It’s funny you mention that whole thing about pictures first, because that’s about the only way I can remember anything! Seriously, if I don’t have a reminder for it, I usually forget it…but if it’s something I can “see” in my mind, I never forget to do it. Short, to the point, and true post!

  9. Interesting post. So true when thinking about it. We do indeed see the image first in our minds.

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