Newsletter: Music is not for ears 👂🎶

“This Roman god is in fact unlocking his iPhone X using FaceID.” — Tom Standage

Below are five links I think you'll find interesting. As always, listen to a new tune and old gem after the jump.

web gems

Music is not for ears. Music is a ‘fundamental human experience.' It is intuited like laughter, a proxy for thought, notes and theories. Sound perception is more than a ‘straightforwardly acoustic phenomenon' because of the way it conjures ‘imagery, memories, stories, movement and words.' 

The Future of Fashion. Fashion is losing staying power. The pendulum of trends changes along with the hyper-speed mobile world. The industry's constant reinvention means that the leading designers are the ones making ‘bold moves and upheavals.’

The Web scientist Michael K. Bergman has compared plugging search terms into Google to dragging a net across the ocean. You may catch something, but there are fathoms you can’t fathom. That’s where we are right now with the impact of digital on design.

Nike's bestselling Huarache only exists thanks to a disobedient employee. Tinker Hatfield's Nike Huarache was a prototype that never was supposed to see the light of day. That is, until of the product managers sold 5,000 pairs in three days in New York. The Huarache exoskeleton design is now a Nike staple.

New futuristic Tianjin library is the coolest place to read a book in China. Despite censorship, China has built one of the coolest libraries in the world with 1.2 million books. Check out the gallery. Also worth perusing: Japan’s lonely vending machines by Eiji Ohashi

A smartphone photography study. We are taking more pictures than we have time to deal with. But it's not all for aesthetics. This graph shows that ‘information to remember' of wishlists, shopping lists, books to read, etc., is second to ‘scenery' on the list.

Thought of the week

“The zoo is the epitaph to a relationship.”

John Berger

Musical vitamins

New track on loop

Portico Quartet — A Luminous Beam (2017)

Digging in the crates

Balil – Choke and Fly (1993)

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