All writing is in the edit

Like photography, all writing is in the edit.

When you fall into writer’s block which is a myth, by the way, feel free to move between devices, formats, and places.

Start writing on paper to launch the idea. Then copy it on to your phone to finesse. Better yet, throw it on different platforms (WordPress, Byword, iAWriter) and then process it through the Hemingway App and Grammarly.

Michael Lopp sums it up nicely in “How to Write a Blog Post”:

Repeat until it starts to feel done in your head. If it’s handwritten, type it into a computing device. When you are close to done, print it out on paper. Sit somewhere else with your favorite pen and edit your work harshly. If this piece is important, let someone else edit harshly.

That’s right! Print it out and edit it in a different place altogether. Some writers think better to the hum of the coffee shop, JK Rowling included. Others need absolute silence, preferring to stare at a wall so that the only work to look at is the one being created in the mind’s eye.

The writing process is messy one that includes not only different formats but also different places. Sometimes it starts on paper; other times it starts on your smartphone. Just be ready to view it a few times before you hit publish.


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