Scientifically optimized music to help you focus

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Music is a performance-enhancement drug. But it goes beyond pumping up athletes like Michael Phelps.

Music is also known to increase your productivity by sharpening your focus and putting your brain into a flow state.

But not just any music, nor any playlist, is guaranteed to help you get down to business.

Focus@Will has over 20 channels and thousands of hours of music that are scientifically optimized to help you focus and get stuff done.

I use the Uptempo channel at work when I need to filter out distractions and get in the zone. However, I turn on Ambient on medium intensity when I want to get into a contemplative state to journal or blog. I’m listening to the app now as I type this post!

Music = neurological focus power

“Music is part of being human,” Oliver Sacks wrote in Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. And the right music can make a huge difference in your workday!

Give Focus@Will a try on the computer or app. You can use this referral link to get a free 14-day trial with a credit of $20 applied to your account to use towards the subscription plan of your choice. I recommend the annual subscription, but you can also select month to month.

Get shit done. Be more creative. Sign up to Focus@Will and give your mind the boost it needs.

Disclosure: I’ll receive a $20 Visa Gift Card once your credit has been applied.


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