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Illustration by Christopher Pearse Cranch for Emerson's Nature (1836)

Hi Friends, below are some of the pieces I collected and enjoyed this week.

Summary: There's no denying the positive impact of being surrounded by trees. France passed a law that enforces the right to disconnect. Arnau Alemany paints the most magical photos. Plus, laugh (or cry) at the video about the small annoyances we encounter in life. Check out all the recommendations below.

Interesting Digs

Why Do We Feel Awe? One of the main benefits of walking in nature is that trees inspire feelings of awe. According to research done by psychology professor Dacher Keltner at UC Berkeley, awe benefits not only the mind and body but also improves our social connections and makes us kinder.

The right to disconnect. On January 1st of this year, France passed the ‘right to disconnect‘ law which enforces a digital diet outside working hours. The rule prohibits employers from calling or emailing employees during personal time. France already imposes 35-hour works weeks.

The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing. The biggest trick about email is that it gives you the feeling you’ve done something. Every time you open an email, your head lights up like a Christmas tree. What you can do is follow Stanford professor John Perry advice on structure procrastination: “Structured procrastination is the art of making this bad trait work for you. The key idea is that procrastinating does not mean doing absolutely nothing.”

Thought of the week

“When on a roll of any kind, always maintain it as long as possible. Momentum isn’t always easy to conjure.”

Rick Rubin

Other Recommendations


picasso bulls head #creativity #drawing #art

Simplicity comes from revision. Simplicity retains the essence and deletes the rest. Take a look at the sequence of Picasso’s drawing of a bull. He pairs down the bull from full detail down to its fundamental shape.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Art II


Catalan artist Arnau Alemany paints obscure urban neighborhoods from Paris, Barcelona, and New York and surrounds them in natural environments. “They exist at the frontier between the metropolis and desert, between the fields and the wastelands, he writes, “Beyond that boundary, there remain only some buildings in clear disrepair.”

See more pictures


toaster #breakfast

Burnt toast, half-torn tape, and uncooperative mobile screen orientations. These are only some of the everyday things that make us frantic with frustration. We can all relate to these small but annoying daily irritations.

WATCH: Life is pain


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