What’s the difference between blogging and writing?


There is no difference between blogging and writing.

Blogging is the process of writing. The only difference is that appears on a website rather than in a formal publication like a newspaper or a book.

The best part about blogging is that it's free. You can set one up right now on WordPress in a few minutes. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Advises Andrew Chen:

“Writing is the most scalable professional networking activity. Stay home, don't go to events/conferences, and just put ideas down.”

Everything is a remix

You can change the world from your computer. The content doesn't have to be original. Like a hip-hop track, you can sample but credit the source. You can share a link or a post a video and add some context. Show people what you'd think they'd like.

Blogging is the practice of writing, unpolished but still remarkable.

Blogging means more writing, more thinking, and more doing. It's a  canvass for working out ideas but also a catalyst to building other stuff.

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10 thoughts on “What’s the difference between blogging and writing?”

  1. I always look at blogging as short and concise and writing is more like long, drawn out novels. But that’s just me. Writing is writing, there’s just different facets of it. If you write big or small, you’re still a writer!

  2. Good post. Sometimes I spend so much time getting caught up on the sharing and SEO-ness of blogging that I forget that it it has to be fun. I think if you enjoy writing you’ll have a great blog, regardless of the other stuff.

  3. I agree, I get ideas from the internet too. At least, that’s what I tell myself I’m doing when I’m spending hours on Facebook and Instagram…anyway, I like to give my own take on something and ask for comments from others.

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