Against playacting

Gif of women's face turning into flower prints

It takes an anarchic mindset to disrupt the status quo. The freedom from playacting the role society enlists us permits the most creative thinking and endeavors. 

Do you think Steve Jobs would've created the Mac growing up on the East Coast? No, the West Coast was where all the wackies and hippies lived.

Once we conform to critical theories about how things work, we lose a bit of independence. The story we tell ourselves becomes shallow, shadowing the mimetic desire of those around us. 

Today's audience is global. The bell curve is flattening—there is little need to be normal when our lookalikes exist online. The armory of truth is already out there on fire, waiting for us to wire it together for the micro.

art by @annasalmi

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  1. Normal is a terrible goal. The public school seems to be a major source of this desire to fit in and be good at everything, but really a person needs to be AWESOME at one thing to make a living.

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