3 Reasons A Blog Is Not a Fast Food Reading Diet

Blogs, which house a majority of the Web’s daily content, are the fast food of today’s publishing society. – Scott Fulton(RWW)

Scott is right in the “fast” sense, that blogs are merely quick bites compared to long form content such an essay or book.

But blogs do have benefits.

For one, blogs can be more insightful than a book. You’ll take away more from a Seth Godin or Leo Babauta blog post than you would a marketing or lifestyle book. These guys have mastered the art of brevity, hitting the fine points post after post. Read their blogs for a month and you’ll like you’ve read an entire book. Although blogs are quickly written and read they’re good for you, certainly not fast food.

Blogs are a new form of journalism. Your typical reader wants no more than 140 words now. Anything more than that is not scannable. Looking back at some of my Quora responses like this, the ones with the most votes are simple lists. It also took me the fewest minutes to write.

Blogs also offer dynamic content. A simple video or photo embed with one line of summary, such as the posts we see on Tumblr are truly engaging. Pinterest is taking off because a picture tells a thousand words.

Overall, the best blogs offer insightful bite sized text no longer than an Op-Ed piece inThe New York Times. Scott, a blog is a healthy way to read.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.