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3 Reasons Why Twitter Is More Important than Instagram

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Instagram helps captures the news but it’s Twitter that breaks it. Twitter is the megaphone that tells everyone about a story and helps spread the word.

The Power of Words

We live in a mobile-first image obsessed culture but words are still the essence of communication. Words determine how people think, act, and how we negotiate. Words inspire movements. Pictures are shortcuts to a larger, untold story.


You can learn about the world from Instagram. The only way to see inside North Korea is through AP photojournalist David Guttenfielder’s Instagram feed. But you still learn way more from Twitter. If you follow the right people, you can match up your interests with the information you’re looking for.

When Ev Williams said that he didn’t give a “shit” about Instagram’s pretty pictures, what he was saying was that Twitter is a more important tool to an Internet-connected society. Of course, what matters isn’t always the most popular.

Twitter wields more powerful than Instagram. It’s is the backbone of online democracy. It’s a voice for the voiceless. Turkey and China shut Twitter down because it threatens the stakeholders at the top.

The medium, sharing in short bursts in public, is the message. While Twitter may not be as exciting as it once was, especially as it tries to model features after Facebook, it’s still one of the most pivotal Internet tools.

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By Wells Baum

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