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The world seems to be going backward. Countries are getting taken over, radar technology is insufficient, free speech is getting squashed, and Duke is losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament. What the hell is going on?

With that being said, here’s some related news and other interesting things to add to the mix.

'21st Century Book Burning'.

Every day, governments around the world devote precious resources to Internet censorship. It is 21st Century book-burning — and it doesn’t make anyone stronger. This brand of suppression affects all of us: In an era in which the Internet serves as the world’s community forum, censorship anywhere is a threat to freedom of speech everywhere.

As I wrote earlier this week, trying to silence social media only makes the public microphone stronger. The Twitter ban is currently backfiring in Turkey, setting a record 2.5 million Tweets since the blackout, not to mention introducing Twitter to thousands of new Turkish users.

Erdogan is now looking to shut down YouTube next. Good luck with that.

Teju Cole’s ‘Every Day Is for the Thief’ Comes to the U.S.

“I think it’s important as a creative person not to give other people the right to be disappointed in you.”

Write what comes naturally, they say. Teju Cole is releasing Every Day Is for the Thief in the US, a book that was previously available only in Nigeria. I wish more authors released earlier works. Why keep it hidden to a few hands? Those that like it will really like it. Show your work.

Endurance factors: Building Clubs That Last.

“We only ever book what we believe in…My job as a promoter is really very simple… it’s to scour the world to search for beautiful things, and then say, ‘look at what I found’. That might be a DJ, or the artwork in our flyers. For me, it’s a very, very simple thing.”

Fabric is a club in London that is well-known for attracting the world’s best electronic musicians and djs. Fabric also puts out compilations and recently started its own record label called Houndstooth. The whole Fabric operation is a work of art, always a step ahead and curating the best future sounds. Just look at all the dope album art.

Why Snapchat is Valuable: It's All About Attention

Rather than serving as yet-another distraction, Snapchat invites focus.

Snapchat is leading the pack of networks trying to capitalize on private as the new public. But Snapchat is still a different network from the rest of them: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Direct. In fact, you can throw away the likes and comments metrics. The key measurements show through screenshots shares of your content to other networks like Twitter. Snapchat will continue to shape the ephemeral private sharing mobile space.

Larry Page: Where's Google going next? (Video)

“Information is powerful but it is how we use it that will define us.” – Zack Matere

As much as people rip on Google for privacy concerns, the company does a lot to make technology work better of us. But there’s a lot more work to go, as Larry Page admits that each technological advancement unleashes even more possibilities.

He also notes that “Invention is not enough.” Google is one of the very few companies that wants to push the boundaries on revolutionary changes to make the world a better place.

In five years' time, all news articles will be a single coloured icon that fires out info-nuggets.

The art of turning almost any article of interest into a step-by-step clickbait walkthrough has been perfected to the point where reading the internet feels increasingly like sitting on the bog in the 1980s reading a novelty book of showbiz facts that never fucking ends.
The attention economy calls for cats and snarky Buzzfeed articles that predict what type of person you are or where you should live next. People may still read traditional news but most people want a funner, more ridiculous, tabloid and interactive angle. This is sad but true and points to the to the ever-decreasing ability to focus.

Bonus: Watch Alain De Botton the paradoxes of today’s news.

Why Not To Let Business Books Shape Your Workplace.

“If your boss focuses on the appearance of work over work itself you’re going to find yourself in a world of pain. Not only will you have to justify every action that doesn’t look like work but you’ll constantly be implementing the advice of the latest best-selling book (the definition of management by best-seller).”

Learning, teaching, experimentation, and leadership. Those are some core work values. Replace the veneer of busy with better. Stop pushing the papers, limit the meetings, and looking “busy” and instead work smarter to focus on the things that actually impact the business.

Moving and moving fast is not necessarily working smart.

The consolations of rocks, water, stone and trees: Lao Tzu.

“one should look to trees as case studies in graceful endurance. They are constantly tormented by the elements, and yet because they are an ideal mixture of the supple and the resilient, they respond without some of our customary rigidity and defensiveness and therefore survive and thrive in ways we often don't.”

It’s too easy to get frustrated, jealous, and upset about change. But if we act more like trees, or water over rocks, and evolve with change, we ultimately accomplish as much as we expected to minus the stress. Coping just becomes an acceptable part of any process.

That’s the wrap. Signing off with this gem of a remix by Bonobo.

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