7 New tunes to peep this week

Long week. The trains finally started running on schedule again (#Sandy), another amazing fashion show happened, Obama got reelected, and it Nor’eastered.  Serenity is back, for the moment.  

Now for some new music


  • King Krule (aka Archy Marshall), also formerly known as bedroom musician Zoo Kid, is out with some more lo-fi goodness.  The best part about Archy’s voice in “Rock Bottom” is the imperfection, the scratchiness and lack of rhythm.  If you dig this, check out “Out Getting Ribs”. [File under Alernative.  Sounds like Jamie T, another UK bedroom musician that’s made it big]. 
  • New video “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” from psychedelic rock group Tame Impala.  [File under Indie rock, I suppose.  Sounds like Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Real Estate etc.]
  • Producer Clams Casino touched this one:  ”Pull Me Down” (free download) by Mikky Ekko.  Tastes like a weekend leftover.  [File under Alernative Rock.  Sounds like Jason Mraz met Coldplay met hip hop.]
  • This liquid vibe “Substance” comes courtesy of producer Mystic Trip.  [File under Drum N Bass.  Sounds like LTJ Bukem.]
  • November Skies” sounds exactly liked it’s titled, cheerful yet toasty.  [File under Dance.  Sounds like Nick Warren, Reykjavik].  
  • Next level soundplate “Ghost Raid,” made for a heavy invasion.  [File under Dubstep.  Sounds like Harmonic 313].    
  • From the man that brought us “Love,” now brings us “Mating Dance.”  Beat romance.  [File under Beats.  Sounds like DJ Cam].     


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By Wells Baum

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