7 New tunes to peep this week

I tried something new this week. I started tweeting out individual new tunes at least once/day. I can’t say I was too excited about the format, especially since I already post the same tunes to the Facebook page.  

So let’s keep this simple and a digestible, a weekly wrap posted every Sunday of 7 newly discovered releases from this week.  Comment below if you like/dislike the format.

  • Vlooper dropped a soft, dreamy tune right in line for the shift from Fall to winter.      Get the free download while supplies last.
  • Ital Tek released a new album Nebula Dance this week on Planet Mu.  I never understand why artists save their best tracks to the end:  ”Yesterday Tomorrow Today” is one of those gems.  
  • Lukid’s Lonely At The Top is one of those rare music releases that must be listened to in album format, start to finish.  If you have to skip to one tune though the beautiful “The Life of The Mind” is a good place to start.  
  • One of the greatest strengths of rapper Blu is how despite signing to a major label has remained quietly underground.  His new music video “Maybe One Day” with produce Exile is another jazzed based head nodder.  This is still my favorite Blu/Exile tune
  • I wish Debruit “Crest Wave Seagulls” (Mweslee Remix) was a bit longer.  I can’t wait until it gets a proper release.  Listen to the Benji B rip
  • Michael Kiwanuka “Bones” belongs in the next Wes Anderson movie.  He reminds me of the Seu Jorge.  Doesn’t a Kiwanuka also play for the NY Giants?  
  • Sipping on this Sunday head nodder, which is surprisingly named “Hazelnut.”  Free download on Bandcamp.  Mos Def provides a little insight at the end.  



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