Standalone Cameras, Karl Lagerfeld, Billboard Charts, Digital Dualism, and Digital Rights

Below are favorite reads and jams of the week. Camera One, Camera Two I bought a standalone camera for my trip to India and just as quickly returned it because of my iPhone 6. It turns a out a lot of other people also prefer to use their Smartphone as their sole camera. The only […]

It Fades In

Part of being an Internet DJ is fading in between articles and seeing connections between them, like these on what it means to collect art: Review: At NADA Art Fair, Collecting for Pleasure, Not Status Real collecting begins in lust: I have to have this, live with this, learn from this, figure out how to […]

Weekend Reset

I start each weekend with a blank slate. I think about how I would redo things if I could start over. This process helps freshen up my thinking. It reminds of what Karl Lagerfeld said in a recent interview. “There’s no history. I don’t even have archives, myself. I keep nothing. What I like is […]

Newsletter #58: Learning to Code Is Overrated, the State of News Photography, New Music, and more

Arts & Culture This is the State of News Photography in 2015 Photographers are playing against the same crowded field as musicians and authors. Anyone can take a picture and share it, making it harder for professional photographers and their work to stand out. But most photographers are positive about citizen journalism and social sharing. […]