A pedestal type of person

The best marketers bake their advertising into their work. Whether you’re an athlete, an author, or a baker, the product speaks for itself. Your trade either breeds trust and gets shared by others or falls at the wayside. Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Albert Einstein put their money where their mouth is. But there are […]


Standalone Cameras, Karl Lagerfeld, Billboard Charts, Digital Dualism, and Digital Rights

Below are favorite reads and jams of the week. Camera One, Camera Two I bought a standalone camera for my trip to India and just as quickly returned it because of my iPhone 6. It turns a out a lot of other people also prefer to use their Smartphone as their sole camera. The only […]

Newsletter #58: Learning to Code Is Overrated, the State of News Photography, New Music, and more

Arts & Culture This is the State of News Photography in 2015 Photographers are playing against the same crowded field as musicians and authors. Anyone can take a picture and share it, making it harder for professional photographers and their work to stand out. But most photographers are positive about citizen journalism and social sharing. […]