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Happy Bullet Journal Day!

If you look around Pinterest and Facebook groups, you’ll see that bullet journalling is all the rage but what most people don’t know is that Ryder Carroll is the originator of the Bullet Journal Method. Today marks five years since Carroll introduced to the world, helping millions of people like myself organize and prioritize […]

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“Intentional Living” with The Bullet Journal ⚡ Method

There are a lot of Bullet Journal iterations out there today but Ryder Carroll is the originator of the Bullet Journal practice. According to the below video, he calls #bujo “an analog system I devised that will help track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” I’ve dabbled in his Bullet Journal […]

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The Bullet Journal: An analog system for a digital age

You can count me in as one of the people that succeeds from an analog to-do list. I’ve tried countless to-do apps, and none of them push me to get stuff done like the written word. Keep yourself honest by adopting the bullet journal system, if only to remind yourself what actually deserves your attention. […]

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Paper just works

Touching is believing. That’s why bullet journals are all the rage. People want to slow down and get everything from their worries, random thoughts, weekend plans, shopping lists, gift ideas, blog topics, exercise schedules, etc., all down and out on paper. Writes Mike Vardy in his piece Why Paper Works: Paper works because it is […]

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Fleeting motivation

Here today, gone tomorrow. Motivation is fickle. But what if you promised yourself you’d get it done regardless of how you felt? Going to the gym, doing homework, emailing the boss — there is no time like now time. You’ll feel incentivized if, under no circumstance, you have to do it anyway. Good habits are […]

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On keeping notebooks

It’s no surprise that in a screen-obsessed world, the slower traditional version of handwritten notetaking is becoming increasingly popular. There’s something about long-form writing that emphasizes the importance of each word. Typing on the keyboard moves faster than we can think. Writing by hand provides just enough disfluency or pause to sync the mind with […]

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From bytes to bits of reality

We demand privacy yet admit ourselves to the culture of exposure. But rather than celebrating our uniqueness, we publish the same things everybody else does: selfies, food porn, and bullet journal snapshots. The one benefit to seeing other people’s stories is the reinforcement of FOMO (fear of missing out). The unlived life taunts one into […]