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Pablo Picasso on the importance of solitude in doing serious work

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible. Pablo Picasso

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Picasso: Art as a form of diary

Art is where our mind’s eye merges with reality to create a theater inside our head, resulting in the form of a diary. This was especially true for Pablo Picasso. Picasso was perhaps best known for his practice of public journaling via painting. “My work is my diary. I have painted my autobiography,” he said. […]


Picasso: ‘Go and do the things you can’t. That is how you get to do them’

“Go and do the things you can’t. That is how you get to do them.” — Pablo Picasso


Figurative illustrations of Picasso’s work by Omar Aqil

Graphic artist Omar Aqil creates 3D artwork out of Picasso’s paintings. Says Aqil, “Still exploring the Picasso’s work and trying to add some more drama to it.” See more of his amazing work on Behance.

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The placebo effect of a good luck charm

NASA engineers eat peanuts before every launch as a lucky charm. Picasso held on to his fingernail clippings to maintain his spiritual “essence.” You can more read about artists and their peculiar amulets in Ellen Weinstein’s new book Recipes for Good Luck: The Superstitions, Rituals, and Practices of Extraordinary People. Why do some creators hold […]

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‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” wrote Leonardo Da Vinci. He would paint over work that didn’t meet up with his expectations. Simplicity is the reduction of complexity. It subtracts the gray space in the middle and renders it black and white. Simplicity comes from revision Simplicity retains the essence and deletes the rest. Take a […]