A Day of Two Halfs

You can treat the day as two halfs.

Morning is the first half. Some people perform their best from 9-12 just before they hit lunch. For others, the morning is a slow build that accelerates in the afternoon.

But what if you could have a strong game throughout the whole work day? 

Interruptions are your biggest hurdle.  They prevent flow and add more things to the to-do list.  In order to maintain your energy and attitude, you must try to prioritize and do your best and let the rest take care of itself.

“It’s more important you do work that’s important, than you do work that’s pretty. — Seth Godin

Consistency doesn’t require perfection. Consistency requires that you show up and execute to the best of your ability. But you’re only as good as your last game. And there’s always a long road of more work ahead.

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