A mind run riot

mind riot

Creativity occurs when the imagination runs riot. The mind, an inherently jumpy organ, delves into its own fruitful space — probing fantastic and experiential possibilities.

Truth is not the matter. Searching for what’s real and pure invention harbor the same goal: to pile up ideas. So we write a shitty rough draft or build a prototype to drive the concept forward, all in the name of the affirmative.

But making time to focus and start the work is only half of the job. Maintenance is the biggest challenge. What sustains mental and physical energy for any great project is a crazy assertion of persistence.

All else flows when we make up our minds to show up, practice, and ship daily. Process — the groove of habit — fuels a numbness against anxiety, doubt, and fear. “This may not work” is a reason to keep going.

The arteries of life hinge on what we can create, let go and transform—action gestures at such possibility. Instinct puts us in the best position. We keep running the experiment, vaccuming up and spilling out alpha, freshly windexing perspective with effort, experience, and time.