A Pragmatic Review of Facebook’s Camera App

MG Siegler called Facebook’s Camera app “great.”

The app is well designed from the outset. But upon digging deeper there a few things that should be called out.

1.  The icon design is a carbon copy of Camera+.

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This goes back to my argument that Facebook is not creative. It has a history of copying others and taking advantage of its masses

2.  The app has just as much utility as Facebook’s Messenger App.

This means some people will use it religiously and a majority will stick to the Facebook app to get their photo digest.

I won’t be using the Facebook Camera app other than batch uploading Instagram images.

3.  There’s a reason Facebook bought Instagram, not only for design and the community but also to serve us targeted us based on the images we love to capture. You’ll notice that you can’t upload any images through the FB Camera app without turning on location services first.

Robert Scoble offers deeper insight on image data mining.

Facebook is so massive and rich it can afford to put new products out there.  The camera and messanger apps are just the start of Facebook’s effort to slice up and mobilize its best features.  Some say the Facebook calendar will be next.

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By Wells Baum

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