A test case of curiosity


There is no plan. We go through long stretches of time, just guessing. But the passage into mystery lures us forward. It costs nothing to try.

The world changes—we change—when we live in the continuous present to see where it’ll lead us. As we dabble in life’s experiments, our efforts necessitate a kind of dream state.

What emerges is a test case on openness, the possibility, and the ability to entertain outcomes of various kinds.

Unmoored from certainty, we proceed to find a sweet spot between experimentation and well-being. As John Berger reminds us, “You can plan events, but if they go according to your plan they are not events.” Everyone deserves a chance at the highest quality of experience, bolstered by one’s idiosyncratic strengths.

What makes us unique is a source of power, not snobbery. Perceived flaws remain untrammeled to reinforce impressive persistence. We become society’s greatest participants when we harness the benefits of our clunky selves as a passport to creative freedom.

Life is a sine wave; it ebbs and flows. The path is less linear and more immersive. It takes courage to stay afloat in a sea of indifference. Yet, the water absorbs the gloom. Double down on the surf by embracing its randomness and luck with a test case of sheer curiosity.