Wells Baum is blogger who finds and dissects interesting topics related to art, culture, and technology around the web. He aspires to learn something new and share it every day.

About Wellsbaum.com

Wellsbaum.com is my newest blogging adventure. It started out of the impulse to give my newsletter recommendations more depth and context. Right now, I would describe the site’s content as a mix between Kottke.org and Brainpickings. My hope is that you can come back to the site and find something new and refreshing about the world. Like a DJ, I look for the loops — the most interesting parts of online articles — that I can sample and make my own. Call it remixing. The art of DJing is the difference between what I think people will like versus what I know you will like.

I still update Bombtune.com daily and the focus is on music.

About Wells Baum (aka Bombtune)

I currently live in Washington DC where I work as a social media freelancer. I also write books and enjoy taking street photography. You can find me across social media as @bombtune.

Contact Bombtune

You can email me at wellsbaum[at]gmail.com or contact me on Twitter or Instagram.

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