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Alain de Botton on Fusing Ancient Greek Wisdom with Modern Capitalism

What we’re seeing today is the fusion of Ancient Greek philosophy and modern philosophy into daily business life. Technology companies like Facebook exist for the purpose of solving the human desire to connect with others.

“Facebook is a psychological need to solve loneliness.”

AirBnB exists to deliver “happy travel,” not just deliver on the false needs of a vacation.

“You know a journey has gone wrong when you go to a museum.”

Alain de Botton’s point is this: Capitalism doesn’t deliver real happiness. It sells products that purport to help you lead a fulfilling life. Apple’s technology merely “facilitates the act of conversation” but it doesn’t help guide the actual conversation between humans in real life. However, Alain is hopeful that a new era of thinking that blends the pursuit of Ancient Greek wisdom with a new psyche of capitalism will make us instinctually happier.

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By Wells Baum

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