Ambient Advertising


  • What clothes are you wearing?
  • What devices are you carrying with you?
  • What car are you driving?
  • What links are you sharing on your social networks?

Whether you realize or not, you’re advertising product wherever you go. Some of it is deliberate: you’re signaling to others that wear a snazzy brand or drive an expensive car. But most of what your showcasing is unintentional. You’re just using the product because of its utility, not necessarily because you want it to be seen.

For instance, you may not love Amazon but that Kindle logo is displaying on the reverse side of the device. You may be indifferent about your car but you’re advertising the model and you’re probably also advertising the dealership where you got it from on the license plate.

Advertisers will try to sticky their brand logo on you and your stuff wherever you are. You’re a walking and talking ad and there’s not really much you can do about it.

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