An App for Everything

There's no reason to leave the house when you can summon everything with an app.

  • You can explore the world with Snapchat. Open the app today and you can watch South Koreans celebrate Chuseok.

  • You can order all kinds of food and have it delivered in just a few clicks.

  • You can get a first level education by googling a syllabus and gathering information. YouTube can help further your education.

The Internet is the largest interconnectedness machine that does everything for us. You can do whatever you want with it without ever leaving the couch. Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard only make the virtual experience even more real.

The Internet doesn't care how you experience the world, in virtual reality or in real life. The Internet wants to flatten the world so that the same opportunities exist everywhere.

But with massive opportunity becomes equal responsibility. It takes discipline to use the Internet as a learning tool. The Internet intends to connect you with like-minded people, stimulate discussion and curiosity, and make it possible to achieve your ambitions.

It's too easy to mistake the Internet as another passive experience like TV. A little Snapchat browsing is fine here and there. Everyone needs down-time. But life is much richer than channel surfing.

We don't need an app for everything, to do nothing of true importance.


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Published by Wells Baum

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