Another Insta Lesson

This blog has been Instagram heavy the last week, a mixture of thoughts on the Facebook acquisition and my own personal Instagrammed photos.

So apologies, I guess.

Instagram can be analyzed over and over again from an app and business perspective. Many people had an opinion on Instagram last week. Even VC Semil Shah sold his collected thoughts on Gumroad.

But writer Nick Bilton made a point I haven’t heard before:

Even if Polaroid or Kodak could have developed Instagram, it’s likely that the project would have been killed anyway. What would be the reaction of almost any executive presented with a business plan to save the company with an iPhone app that had no prospect for revenue?

Big corporations like Walmart have developed technology labs to focus on innovation. CNN bought Zite just so it could bring Flipboard technology in house.

Big companies should hire or acquire creative entrepreneurial talent and cultivate new ideas. Owning the technology rather than just incorporating it is a strategic advantage.

Instagram is a great lesson in product creation, tweaking, scaling, and selling out.

Let the over-analysis continue.

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By Wells Baum

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