Are Pictures Replacing Words in Social Media?

People eat with their eyes first.. (link)

Images tell a thousand words but words are still needed to provide additional context.

This doesn’t mean that every image on Pinterest requires a caption. What it does mean though is that you give a board a name and possibly a sub description.

The same goes for Facebook albums. Just name the album and let the images speak for themselves.

Images are more powerful than text, video, and sound. Combining image art to these other forms takes mastery. What album cover design compliments the music? What thumbnail is going to make people click on this video?

Images are the CTA in most cases.

For the past month I’ve been using Pinterest to host my best Instagrams. If Facebook is looking to monetize on Instagram then it should look no further than a Pinterest like horizontal display and clickable imagery which act as sales leads.

Pinterest has essentially outlined Facebook’s Instagram business model. Facebook need not look further, just perfect Pinterest.

That’s the only thing holding Facebook back from acquiring Pinterest. It might just be cheaper for Facebook to build its own in the FB network leveraging Instagram’s beautiful filters and extant community.

Still, Pinterest very well could be the YouTube for images which means Google should buy it up before Facebook does.

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By Wells Baum

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