“Are we going out or are we making things?”

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There are two ways to get what you want: you either pay someone else for the finished good and get the satisfaction of instant delivery or you buy the individual components and spend the time making something yourself.

The resistance/lizard brain always tells you should play it safe and just consume, especially if that shortcut allows time for the work you actually enjoy. But if you’re not doing the work that matters, then you’re wasting time.

For every action, there’s a reaction.  Creation is the action without a compelling need to dictate the end result. Everything you see today is the result of someone else’s hard work. The trick to starting is merely starting.

A funny thing happens when you “just” start tinkering: you forget about the big, intimidating picture. – Mark McGuinness

We have to balance passive consumption with the art of doing. Studies even show that when you work out while making music it makes the exercise a bit easier.  When you make something, you burn off ignorance and dictate the terms.

Creativity is more gratifying than consumption, especially in the long-term. No one remembers the buyer, the fan, nor the guest but they do remember the artist. Your contributions are always welcome.  Make something.

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