Are you really creative?

Creativity is a loose term.

Creative (Curators) vs. Creative (Shippers)

There are the people who call themselves creative but never actually create; they just find interesting stuff that inspires creativity. And then there are people whom actually create something, ship their own work to the world ready to consume it.

Often the two flow together. We’ll search for creative inspiration to give us the fuel to make our own stuff. Creative stimulus can be something as simple as a quote or a song while you work; even a Tumblr blog.

Creative (Professionals) vs. Creativity (Amafessionals) 

The Internet and apps like Instagram have turned everyone into a creator.  With a simple filter, your image can look like a piece of art.  You can be a painter from your bedroom just by using the Fifty Three app.

Creativity is too easy.  The market is so saturated with creative works it’s become impossible to separate the hobbyists from the professionals.

Now that the playing field is level, the difference between an amafessional and professional is marketing.  The professionals will still rise to the top because they take their craft seriously and have goals to get their work seen.  For instance, you may Instagram a great picture and get a ton of likes and comments but the professional photographer will take great strides to get the picture in an art show. Your work is intended to be social, not culturally appreciated and monetized.

It really doesn’t matter where creativity comes from.  Now that free mobile tools have democratized creativity, you have no choice but to make and ship something you can call your own.  As long as people are contributing to the arts then we’ll always have something inspiring to look back on.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.