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“Art, being bartender, is never drunk…”

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Artists lie, just as much as the marketer. They inject their personalities through their work to proclaim their uniqueness while still entertaining the crowds. They exist to stand out, weird for show, hunting praise and likes just as much as the next maker.

“Art is everything you don’t have to do.” – Brian Eno

We don’t need art to live, but we do need its emotional provocation and its ability to spread taste in ideas. The whole world’s a stage, accelerating revolutions for show and tell. Tragicomedy relieves us from our own seriousness.

Wrote poet Peter Viereck:

Art, being bartender, is never drunk;

And magic that believes itself must die.

Being absurd as well as beautiful,

Magic—like art—is hoax redeemed by awe.”

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By Wells Baum

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