Audacious photography

The best pictures are the hardest ones to capture. They’re the most uncomfortable to snap because they require a bit of audacity and exposure not just of your camera but of yourself.

For example, your object may be clearly aware of you and your camera. It’d be more polite to ask them if you can take their picture; however, such approval undermines the challenge and the authenticity of the photo.

How do you take the picture without invading someone’s privacy? There’s something about snapping a pic that’s boldly invasive. There’s the rush of fear prior to the shot and the rush of relief immediately thereafter.

I always had the eye but never had such a versatile device. I love taking pictures on my iPhone and sharing them via VSCO and Instagram. These tools encourage us to see the world, to notice the slightest design in the smallest cranny.

I remember buying a couple disposable Kodak cameras for vacation and just hoping my pictures turned out all right when they finally processed at CVS. Even if they turned out great, they had lost that momentary excitement of the editing and publishing we so much enjoy in the digital age. We’re spoiled indeed.

Do you get as nervous and excited as I do taking pictures? Let me know in the comments.

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By Wells Baum

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