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I used the Square app for the first time yesterday. It worked like a charm and it was easy to email the receipt. I’m still waiting for the money to hit my account.

The Square makes everyone feel like an Apple employee. When you buy from the Apple store, they use iPhones to swipe your card for payment.

Square technology is what I call a “temporary technology,” a new advancement that points to the future while having not completely solved the present.

I have the same feelings about Square as I do, the potential is there but the concept needs to be marketed and perfected.

Welcome Apple. At some point, Apple is going to embed buying/selling into the iPhone, becoming a feature not an app. Apple is the king of liberating people into creative professionals, making it easy for the passionate to become a musician through Garageband or make a sleek presentation through Keynote. The belief is that everyone should have access to the same tools.

Behind every niche idea is an even bigger company that can blow it up. The best companies back research and development coupled with high marketing expenditure. Give a lot and get a lot back.

Have you ever used Square? Drop me a note or tweet me about your experience.

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