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Basking in the train glow

All photos by Wells Baum

The only source of light is a mellow glow on a metro head. Whether bald, strawberry blonde or redhead, the light shines through on top of the dome.

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But there’s also a type of soft glow of that keeps you awake. It’s the strange glow of stoic pride that screams with confidence ‘I got this.’

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Stay the course, sitting among the living glow of neighbors, tethered to the sterile glow of handheld devices, all the way underground into the train’s magnetic flashlight.

The glow of independence, the weird-colored glow of elegant ideas, all arrive trademarked by the fluorescent glow of the train’s exit. The powerful glow ends. Doors open.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of four books.

24 replies on “Basking in the train glow”

True. Plus, our interpretation is usually wrong if we get a chance to know them.

When I was traveling I preferred to ride on public transports so I was able to enjoy more scenery. Wherever we go, the glow is visible to us.

This is an interesting post on the glow when on the train. There is more than one glow while riding the train and this post really makes everyone aware of them in a poetic way. Thanks for sharing the awesome post.

Love how you find inspiration in anything and everything! These are a beautiful set of photos – I use public transportation a lot, so it’s extra interesting to me to see the beauty you captured in those moments.

Riding the train and looking outside is like seeing pictures on a wall but inside is a little slower — great for focused…observation.

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