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Batter Up

I used to play baseball every day when I was younger. I even won a couple golden gloves. I wasn’t the strongest hitter so I used my small strike zone to walk a lot. But I quit baseball in the 8th grade. I had the same complaint about the sport then as many have now: it’s too damn slow.

Baseball doesn’t have a time clock. That’s why games average 3 hours long and are only getting longer. Forget watching a baseball game on TV. Attending one is more about the ambiance and food then it is the game itself. I don’t know how any Millennial can sit through a game without Snapchatting a selfie. Generation Z would rather watch others play baseball on Twitch.

Baseball is America’s pastime. If it’s going to stay relevant in the culture of screens it’s got to speed up its games to match the mobile era or it’ll continue to lose fans to other sports. Yes, even soccer. Baseball needs a constrictive clock badly, much like the NFL and NBA do to keep the games rolling along.

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By Wells Baum

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