Baum Blog Digest 7.30.2016

Hi Everyone, I started a new blog. It takes the newsletter approach but goes into more depth. Please find a section below that interests you and have a read. The music stays. Where would we be without it, eh?

Arts & Culture

Milton Glaser on his iconic “I ♥️ NY” logo, the joy of working, and on the future of the Big Apple

“I never separated the city from myself. I think I am the city. I am what the city is. This is my city, my life, my vision.”

Werner Herzog talks filmmaking, Pokemon Go, and how to manage our online life

“don’t wait for the system to accept you. You create your own system, create your own [budget] and make your own first feature film or your first own documentary.”

Brian Eno on what he learned from David Bowie in making art

“A lot of people think that singers should always be sincere, that it has to be their own soul coming out. That’s b — — — -. What you’re really doing is working like a playwright. You’re making little plays and the singer is the lead character.”

Music & Beats

Dizzee Rascal talks Brexit with Pharrell on Beats 1

“What happens when you shout and scream at the world and then they listen, agree with you. ‘Yeah, we like that too.’ You’ve got to find something in common with people. That’s the way to get on in life.”

Radiohead introduces set with Nina Simone

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear. I mean, really – no fear.”

The music industry’s digital revolution

“Nothing is bigger than the music itself.” — Moby

Philosophy & Productivity

How trees help you de-stress

“Natural environments, on the other hand, provide what Berman calls “softly fascinating stimulation.” Your eye is captured by the shape of a branch, a ripple in the water; your mind follows.”

Debating the nature of time

“The future is not now real and there can be no definite facts of the matter about the future.” What is real is “the process by which future events are generated out of present events.”

How colored noise helps you focus and relax

“White, pink, and brown noise — playing across all frequencies — are like muffling blankets of sound.”

Internet & Tech

Ray Kurzweil and Aziz Ansari on the modern information era

“People think the world is getting worse. … That’s the perception. What’s actually happening is our information about what’s wrong in the world is getting better.”

This smart-powered pedestrian pavement could save your life

“studies have shown that around one in three people get distracted by their phones when crossing the street.”

Snowden is working on an untrackable iPhone case

“We want to give a you-bet-your-life assurance that the phone actually has its radios off when it says it does.”

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