Be Like Mom

The most amazing help goes unseen. It’s the help you never notice because it’s been going on since childhood.

You don’t realize how much Mom did for you until you’re grown up and have to do everything yourself: work, pay the bills, clean up, buy the groceries, feed the dog, negotiate the lease, make/answer all the calls, basically organize your life so nothing goes undone while ensuring that there’s always something to do. Mom never wants to see you bored.

Responsibility is hard. It’s stressful just imagining Mom taking responsibility for you, herself, and everyone else in the family including Dad.

It was never about Mom. It was always about us. Did she ever get time to herself? Mom makes me feel so selfish.

Mom still calls herself Cinderella. She’s a workhorse, constantly on the move, inspiring others to get up and go. I’m not even sure she sleeps.

Mom always encourages us to take risks and do good. She finds ways to poke us when we get lazy or lose hope.

Rarely does Mom do things for us anymore although she still sneaks money into our pockets now and again. Mom wants us to figure it out on our own and fail to succeed. There’s no learning in fear that goes untested.

Mom is plain bold. I always felt sorry for anyone that irritated Mom. They got it back good.

Mom epitomizes hard work and care. She sets the bar high for anyone to follow in her footsteps.

Every Sunday I re-read one of my own hand-written inspirational notes to get me focused for the upcoming week. The last sentence is always “Be like Mom.”

I want to be like my Mom each and every day, every way.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.