Blame the humans, not the machines


They say the AI-powered assistants are still dumb. Of course, they’re getting smarter every day as more data pours into the system until one day, they’ll start communicating with us like real human beings. We won’t even have to touch a device. Intelligence will be in the air, instructions and answers at every street corner.

Based on the election results last night, the prospect of a machine-operated might seem to be a smarter move — at least the robots will make more intelligent decisions than the American people.

Rome fell last night. And it’s not because of Siri, Alexa, Google, or Facebook. It fell because emotions are better storytellers than facts. Humans rather flee and yield to the natural fears of their own amygdala than stand up to coercion and do the right thing.

American gave up on the idea of ideas. Talk about building yourself up to tear yourself down. The majority of people have selected live a life of algae, shielded from the sun and living in their own world.

Keep hope alive. I wish you all the best.

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