Books by Wells Baum

train of thought

In travel, we find ourselves.

Uninspired with the routine of daily corporate life, Paul takes an impromptu trip out to the West Coast to ride the train from Seattle down to Los Angeles with the aim of writing a book. Along the way, he faces all the roadblocks one encounters in penning a novel, including writer’s block, self-doubt, and digital distractions.

Brimming with Paul’s curious journal entries and profound observations, this 36-hour odyssey is essential reading for both the wanderer and aspiring artist seeking a deeper pathway in life.


This book provides 20 tips and actionable steps to help you better control your OCD.  It's based on the real-life experiences of Wells Baum, who discovered he had the disorder at 25 and created his own ways to break free from OCD's mental prison, including turning bad thoughts into instruments for creativity.

Rule OCD: 20 Tips to Overcoming OCD may also be helpful for people with general anxiety and self-doubt.

Remember, you are not your OCD.  Accept your thoughts and move on.

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