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Build Beyond Your Own Moat

Image via George Hiles
Image via George Hiles

Build your own moat. The moat is your first line of defense, the fundamental skill(s) that you excel in and give you a chance at survival.

You can always rely on your moat.

But most people stop there. They focus on doing one thing well and forget the rest. They think that 20% of their potential skills produce 80% of their success is good enough.

The moat doesn’t work all the time. Times change, technology disrupts, consumption evolves. You won’t last forever and neither will what you do for a living. At some point, your moat will dry up, and people will just walk all over you.

Keep the moat at bay but your skills elastic. There’s always ways to improve. The moat is just a starting point.

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By Wells Baum

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