Cargo shorts, practical but uncool?

cargo shorts
Cargo shorts, too ugly to be cool.

Unlike technological innovations, fashion is cyclical — what’s uncool now will be fresh again decades from now.

The latest victim to fall into the uncool category of clothing are cargo shorts. The US and British military created cargo pants in the 1940s to hold more ammunition. Front-pocket cargos are perfect for the gadget-obsessed world we live in today. But practicality can be ugly. Even the GOAT got called out. From the Wall Street Journal article:

In 2012, Michael Jordan was playing golf in cargo shorts at a Miami country club when he was asked to change his pants. He reportedly refused and left.

I grew up in the 90s and just threw my last pair away this year because the pockets ripped. My wife was happy to see them go.

“Men want to be like James Bond. Bond never wears cargo shorts.”

I don’t want to be like Bond — I’m just ‘a dude’ in search of a one-stop shop to help carry all my pocket gear. Can slim jeans do that? But hey, if Jason Bourne wears cargo shorts how out of date can they be?

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By Wells Baum

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