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Catching the obvious

“What artists do is learn to see.” – Ed Catmull, Pixar

Creativity is misunderstood. Most people think you have to think outside the box in order to be creative. But that’s only part of it. The other half of creativity is the pursuit of normalcy, the ability to notice the beauty in everyday things.

Photography is one way to bring attention to your surroundings. Writing too. After all, catching everyday things and ridiculing them is what makes Jerry Seinfeld so funny. Entrepreneurs spot the most obvious holes and fill them with business opportunities.

You don’t have to innovative nor think different to be creative. You just have to get good at noticing things and figure out how to paint that picture to awe everyone else. The best ideas are usually the most obvious.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.