Crossing a telephone with a TV set

What do you get when you cross a telephone with a TV set? That’s what Western Electric was asking in 1968 with this advertisement for its Picturephone. Western Electric is crossing a telephone with a TV set. What you’ll use is called, simply enough, a Picturephone set. Someday it will let you see who you […]


Debugging the messy days

We spend more time debugging the messy days than celebrating the good days. Negativity is sticky—and harping on it merely strengthens the doldrums. The trick to moving forward is reprogramming the mind machine. That is, instead of beating ourselves up, we should view our mistakes as learning experiences. A dose of pragmatism never hurt anybody. […]

V is for vulnerable

Shake it up. The only reason to play it safe is to blend in. But the artist wants to be vulnerable. Unsure of their work but certain of their originality and passion, the maker prides themselves on self-expression. They’d rather show their work then let it sit in the tiny backwater of the internet. Art […]

On keeping notebooks

It’s no surprise that in a screen-obsessed world, the slower traditional version of handwritten notetaking is becoming increasingly popular. There’s something about long-form writing that emphasizes the importance of each word. Typing on the keyboard moves faster than we can think. Writing by hand provides just enough disfluency or pause to sync the mind with […]

One never stops blogging

The act of blogging helps solidify your thinking. Like a fine-tooth comb, all your ideas, brain farts, and other collected artifacts will come together to paint a big picture of your depth and understanding.  One never stops blogging, as one never stops thinking. Writing and publishing daily–whether it’s 50 or 500 words–is, therefore, a practice […]