Pen & Paper, Still Useful

Paper is about control, allowing for manipulation of the hands, eyes, and pen. If you’ve ever had to send or read an important email, you should print out hard copies first.   We’re much better at reading and editing on paper rather than a computer screen, even if it’s retina.  Words just make more sense […]

So you want to be an artist …

“Don’t give up the day job. Perhaps your authentic self is the accountant.” Who doesn’t see themselves as the movie producer, author, or famous musician?  We all have dreams to make a living from creativity. Simon Kuper argues that some people are better off working in an office at the computer rather than with an […]

Is Instagram Ruining Photography?

Instagram is not killing photography, just as Garageband didn’t kill music, just as High School basketball doesn’t ruin the NBA. Just because Smartphones and 4G make it easy to create and distribute professional looking photos doesn’t destroy the art behind real photography. What classified as real and professional photography anyway? Just because you take unfiltered […]

Curation is the new creation

Curation is now a desired profession, mostly because it has shifted from unearthing rarities in libraries and music crates to digging through the plethora of online content to find the most remarkable stuff. Curators spend hours vetting material so the rest of us can save time.  But that’s also why self-discovery is so gratifying. Often […]

Ai Weiwei: Art through suffering

You can push a creative man into silence but all this does is fuel his creative output. China held artist and “dissident” Ai Weiwei in captivity for 81 days. He nearly died. Weiwei is now turning his jail time experience into a piece of art. For Weiwei, creative expression is more about storytelling than profit. […]

Paris, New York

It’s not surprising that New York can sometimes feel like Paris. Some sites are especially beautiful like Central Park. The simplest scenes can be a reminder. Paris is as much for art as New York is for commerce and most recently, technology. We’re experiencing the second coming of art in the tech world today. Instagram […]

The Conformity Crisis

If everyone has access to the same tools then everyone will become a producer. And all the art will look the same. Take Instagram for instance. All you need is an iPhone and some cheap Camera+ editing app to clean up your images before you upload them to Instagram. You can also edit images on […]