“Musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno talks Bitcoin, how ‘simplicity can produce complexity’, and more…

The Financial Times sat down with “musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno in the studio of his Notting Hill home. Here are my favorite snippets from the interview: On the transactional value between art and bitcoin: It is not so different from bitcoin. Art is the ultimate cryptocurrency. What the art world is doing is engineering […]

Rogue lines, a photoset

The square lines represent a movement. Sometimes lines appear infinite. On different occasions, the lines blur. Lines also run diagonally. Lines can get squiggly, as in life. Lines like to find the holes, blurring their objects. All lines are nonetheless imaginary, even arbitrary, a simulation of code drawn from the head. PS. ‘The map is not the territory‘ […]

Newsletter: Think on your feet, not your seat

Hi Friends, below are some interesting links I discovered this week.  Summary: Yet more evidence that standing at work is better for you than sitting. Millennials love their house plants. Meet the woman who never forgets anything. Photographer Alex Bartsch retraces reggae record sleeves in London. Tyler, the Creator gives us a throwaway track entitled “Okra.” Check out […]

Meet South African painter Ryan Hewett

Ryan Hewett is a South African contemporary artist whose rise to fame has accompanied the emergence of the gallery, Unit London. Hewett will kick off the opening at Unit London’s new Hanover Square location this summer. The inaugural show, ‘The Garden,’ takes its name after Hewett’s painting below. You can see more of Hewett’s abstract oil […]