Jimmy Chin teaches adventure photography

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE SEE THE DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. National Geographic photographer and producer of some my most favorite adventure documentary films including Meru (Amazon) and most recently Free Solo (Amazon), Jimmy Chin, is teaching a adventure photography course on MasterClass.  Push the limits of photography If you follow the world-renowned photographer Jimmy Chin on […]


Spiderweb trees 🕸️

In July 2010, 10 years of rain fell into parts of Pakistan that left millions of people and spiders homeless. As a survival mechanism, spiders took homage and blanketed some of the trees. What resulted were cotton-candy looking cocoons that protected the locals against a rash of mosquitoes.   Photos by Russell Watkins

Pixel art

We take pictures with the intention to show someone else — whether it’s our Instagram followers or our friends. Photos should not be stashed away in the closet or hoarded on the hard drive for safekeeping. Photography binds us. We communicate in images. The facticity of a photo also lies within the pixels themselves, en […]

Coping with ‘the colossal volume of memories’

In an interview with the Financial Times, Apple lead designer office Jony Ive points to one of the technological conundrums of our time: balancing ease with excess. “We have such a high-quality camera with us all the time. But it becomes irrelevant if you can’t actually enjoy the photographs you’ve taken. Even 30 years ago […]

‘His retina is beleaguered with images’

“What of modern man’s scale of values? His retina is beleaguered with images (photographs, printed matter, street advertisements, Cinema) from morning to night.”  Alvar Aalto, 1927 And now we’re beleaguered with shiny devices that blast such promotions into our eyes. We all carry a piece of Times Square in our pocket. gif by Tomasz Konczakowski

The pigeon camera, a precursor to the drone

Before airplanes, skyscrapers, Google Earth, drones, and GoPros brought us aerial views, there was pigeon camera. In 1907, just a few years after the Wright brothers lifted off in Kitty Hawk, and while human flight was still being measured in metres and minutes, Dr. Julius Neubronner, a German apothecary, submitted a patent application for a new […]

The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

The Italian photographer Massimo Listri’s new book The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries showcases 55 of the most gorgeous libraries across the globe dating as far back to 766. Featured libraries include the Sainte-Geneviève library in Paris, France, the all-white  Mafra Palace library in Portugal (my favorite), and Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland which houses Book of Kells and Book of […]

Sharing sameness on the gram

I’ve blogged about it before but it’s worth repeating: Instagram homogenizes creativity. Scroll your feed, and I bet one of the pictures that comes up includes the following: a selfie, a coffee cup in hand, someone standing on a rock, riding in a canoe, or feet up in the sand or mountains, etc. It all looks […]

‘The perfect image is not something that can be taught’

“The perfect image is not something that can be taught.” — Andreas Gursky (via FT) Gursky’s photograph “99 Cent II Diptych” was once the world’s most expensive photograph before another one of his images “Rhein II” was sold for $4.3m at Christie’s New York in 2011.  However, I still dig the artifice projected in his 2017 high-speed […]

Adventures in record collecting

Photographer and blogger Eilon Paz has put together a book Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, which features more than 130 vinyl collectors across the world. The images are amazing and diverse, ranging from the Italian man who owns the world’s largest collection of colored vinyl records to an owner who collects only Beatles’ […]

Churches built in post-colonial India

Vividly-coloured and shaped like stars, ships and castles, several churches in Kerala appear to defy one of the basic tenets of architecture as set by the influential American architect Louis Sullivan – “form follows function”. Read Why are some Kerala churches shaped like stars, ships and castles?