The era of constant photography


“In 5-10 years, photography will largely involve pointing video cameras at things and finding the best images in the editing phase.”

Always on, looking back through hundreds of snaps and posting only the highlights. Sounds a bit too perfect, to never miss anything.

Point, shoot, and capture will be a thing of the past. The effort is in merely recording and reviewing.


The Death of Photography Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


“One of the things we love about the still image is the way in which it can stimulate the imagination to create a fiction around an image. The fact that we can commit a single image to memory in a way that we cannot with video is a big reason photography is still used so much today.”

In short, photos are more memorable. They also tell a piece of the story which leaves the rest open to the imagination. Videos reveal too much, removing the mystery of the still moment.

Photography Tech

The Conformity Crisis


If everyone has access to the same tools then everyone will become a producer. And all the art will look the same.

Take Instagram for instance. All you need is an iPhone and some cheap Camera+ editing app to clean up your images before you upload them to Instagram. You can also edit images on Instagram itself.

Since we all have the same tools we all produce similar-looking photos. This is why anyone that wants to stand out on Instagram should pick a style, theme.

First, choose an object or location that inspires you. Second, pick a consistent filter like black and white. Three, be different. Set your follower expectations in this step by step process.

One of my favorite Instagrammers takes a picture of a picture, a Polaroid over his object. You see his hand holding out the Polaroid covering the same image he’s capturing. Simple yet genius.

Stand out from the crowd

That’s the only way you’ll keep your identity on Instagram and in a world where creativity has amassed around the ease of tools and sharing.